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Time for An Extreme Makeover?
Does the Look & Feel of an e-commerce site even affect sales? Yes! According to recent research from Stanford University, the appearance of a website is the number 1 factor in people's evaluation of a Web site's credibility. If your site is looking tired and dated, that's the business image you are projecting to every visitor who drops in.
      Additional Research from Carleton University, CA. showed that most Internet users make up their minds about a web site in the first 1/20th of a second of viewing. Loose the image battle in that critical 1/20th of a second, and you loose that visitor. Your web site MUST tell its story with images. Without any scrolling, each visitor MUST be able to tell exactly what your site is all about in a sub-second glance. Before
The original site had a number of problems, but the most serious was poor branding. Designed for 800 x 600 resolution, below is what you saw on the opening screen without scrolling. There was nothing visible above the fold to establish what the site was about short of taking the time to read the text. Internet surfers simply don't do that. If the site doesn't look like what they are seeking they back button out before they read the first word.
This Yahoo! Store had been limping along with ho-hum sales for four years. Throughout that period, sales had remained esentially flat, and in 2006 they had actually started to sag. The owner knew it was time for a major makeover and after studying the work of a number of Yahoo! Store developers, he turned to us to give his store a real boost in sales.
      We completed the makeover April 1, 2006. In the first 2 months after the makeover, his sales were 4 times revenues of the same period in 2005. Read more...
Lots More to Show
Want to see more makeover examples? We've got plenty to show. Use the list to the right to browse through some of the sites we have given a new lease on life through a great facelift.
What ET Brings to the Project
We've been in this business for over 10 years. We have webmastered a number one Internet retailer's site and had a chance to test what does and doesn't work. We have applied this knowledge to build several sites that have become the world leader in Internet sales in thier marketplace.
      We bring more than just idle theories or pet ideas to the design phase of your makeover project. We bring hard-earned real-world experience.
bullet What sells vs. what smells in Internet retailing.
bullet Search Engine Optimization from the ground up.
bullet How to market your website and drive traffic to it.
bullet Retailing strategies to shift your site's sales into overdrive.
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