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  ET Productions is fully equipped to develop your site. Our goal is to build web sites that build your net profits. In order to do that, we've acquired expertise in the following 6 technologies:  
  bullet Web Development--HTML, DHTML, CSS & XML; PERL CGI, JavaScript, SSI & C++ backends for WinNT and UNIX servers.  
  bullet Website Makeovers--Let us give your site the fresh, exciting look it needs to kick sales into overdrive.  
  bullet No Hassle Hosting--For our Website Development Clients we provide quality, reasonably priced hosting.  
  bullet Search Engine Optimization--SEO is an essential of good Web design today, and it involves MUCH more than simply adding a few META tags.  
  bullet Creative Arts--Graphics design, digital photography & scanning, Flash animations, music composition and 14 track sound studio.  
  bullet Content Development--Background research, concept development, storyboarding, creative writing, and copy editing. Published researcher-writer on staff.  
  bullet Database Integration--Database development in MySQL or MS Access. PHP and ASP server-side scripting. Database solutions for the Web and your business.  
  bullet E-Commerce--Shopping cart technology, automated order fulfillment, inventory management, UPS, Fedex and USPO interfaces.  
  bullet Site Enhancement Tools--Standard Modules that you can purchase and install yourself to add cool functions to your site. Afraid of installing scripts? You can leave the installation to us.  
  bullet Web Marketing--Search engine listing, affiliate programs and site promotion.  
  bullet Yahoo! Stores Design--Yahoo!'s powerful content manager lets store owners make changes without knowing HTML. Add products, put items on special, change prices. Also gives you excellent statistical analysis of sales, visitors, click trails, etc.  
  bullet Ordering & Payments--Order and make payments for work online using any major credit card or US Bank Account.  
 In Layman's Terms
We have the expertise and tools to offer you all those cool effects you've seen on the WWW. But our philosophy is to think first about your message and how it can best be presented on the Web.

Technology that Works
We know the technology, but we don't overwhelm you with geek speak.Does your site need Flash? Would frames be best? ET says it's never about which tool is the hottest. It's about the best way to communicate your message. We never use geek speak to hoodwink clients. We'll explain it in layman's terms so that you can choose the right mix of technologies to achieve your goals.

Home Builders & Developers
Be sure to check out our NEW Builder2Site package, the Builder's Site Builder. For what you would typically pay for a plain HTML web site, you can have this powerful CMS driven site instead. This means your unskilled office workers can maintain and update your site, keeping it constantly current as each property sells and each new development gets underway. Why pay as much or more for a static HTML site, then pay again every time you need a minor change?
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