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Tips to Minimize Your Web Site Development Costs

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 Cost Control Strategies
By providing the right information and ensuring it's in a usable format, you can do a good deal to control the development costs of your web site and to move the process ahead quickly. Use our Quick Startup Tips as a checklist of "the right stuff" and, where possible, provide it in the formats shown here.
 Text Documents
If you send us handwritten notes or printed matter, we will have to pay a data entry operator to transcribe it into electronic format. If practical, send documents in the following formats.
Rich Text
Artwork should be sent in camera ready form if possible. Photos can always be sent as glossies. If you already have high-quality scans, send electronic images in the following formats.
.gif .tiff .jpg .png
.eps .psd .psp .clp
 Customization Doesn't Cut Cost
Suppose you wanted a big, new pickup truck, but you were a bit pressed for cash. How effective might it be to go to a Ford dealer and say. "You know, I really don't need a V8 or the extra seats and doors in the crew cab. Make me up a special with a 4-cylinder and bare space in the back, only 2 doors, and knock $5,000 off for the changes, and you've got a deal"? Chances are such a custom truck would cost tens of thousands MORE than the stock V8 crew cab with four doors and 2 rows of seats. We all know that.
      However, when it comes to websites, that understanding seems to evaporate. Just like car manufacturers, Web developers have stock models. They can add features for you--at a cost. They can also disable or remove features--at a cost. Custom work to remove this, that and the other feature may actually add to the cost. Be sure to check what is part of the stock build before spending a lot of time crossing off features in an effort to pare down pricing.
 To Scan or Not to Scan
Scan web graphics only if you are expert at it.
If your artwork or photos have not been scanned, should you send us the art as copy or scan it yourself? Unless you are very familiar with scanning technology, ways to avoid Moiré patterns, how to get high-quality contrast and saturation, it's better to send your material to us and let us do the scanning. Yes, it does add a bit to the development costs, but trying to post process poor quality scans is much more costly, and will not produce as satisfying a result. If you scan and convert to JPEG, use a low compression ratio. If you don't know what that means, then don't scan. Send the originals and leave the scanning to us.
Helpful Tips to Get Your Site Going Fast
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