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 What Is a Web Site
Above all else, a web site is a way of communicating. The story your Web site tells is up to you. What works great for a techno-punk heavy metal band would probably be a total disaster if applied to telling the story of a local ASPCA shelter. First and foremost, a Web Site is a reflection of personalities--that of the owners and the corporate culture they weave. When it's done right, it should be your story and the developer should only shine by telling that story accurately and in an exciting, captivating way.
Web Facts
E-Commerce is now a significant part of the total economyToday 45% of American consumers shop online. That number is expected to grow to 80% within two years. According to the US Census Bureau, e-commerce sales were 7.5 billion dollars in the second quarter of 2001, up 24.7 percent from the same quarter in 2000.
 Welcome to the Web
Enjoy the ride--surf's up on the World Wide WebIf you're building your first Web site, get ready for a thrilling experience. The Internet, despite its global span, is a community. You are about to enter this virtual community.
Learn the Culture
Virtual guy learns his way around the WWWThe Internet has its own culture. Just as in the real world, the virtual world welcomes newcomers who respect its conventions. Be ready to learn, and to enjoy this virtual world where communication is not only allowed, but encouraged.
About the World Wide Web
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