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  The Grinch may have stolen Christmas from the brick-and-mortar guys, but Web sales were up 15% over the same period last year. If you aren't already on the web, it's tima to take the plungs. If you're there but getting lackluster results, contact us for a tune-up.  
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  It's Growing
Online sales in the US totaled $31.5 billion for the first quater of 2007, a surge of 18.4% over 2006! All expectations are that 2007 will be another banner year. founder Jeff Bezos said he thinks it's still "day one" for e-commerce.
 It's Well Populated!
With over 1.1 billion users (March '07), the WWW is the fastest growing commercial sector in the history of earth!
It's a Great Bargain!
In Boston, MA. a ¼ page color Newspaper ad reaches 1,700,000 for $1,200,000/yr. A color page in the Yellow Pages reaches 1,000,000 at $60,000/yr. A Web Site with many, many color pages costs just a tiny fraction of that and reaches 3.500,000 local readers plus over a billion worldwide!
  It's the Place to Be
If you're in business today, having no website is tantamount to businesses 10 years ago having no telephone.
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You want your Website project online fast. You want it paying off NOW. We'll give you some tips you can use to help us get your site up quick and keep development costs down.
      We've been designing Web sites for business since 1996. We know the way. We'll take the risk out of it for you.
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Check for this page in Google. We're in Google's top listings (of 6,000,000+) pages for ecommerce websites and for Yahoo! ® Store developer Boston.
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We've built 2 sites that are the world's best Internet sellers in their market! Put us to work helping you reach your Internet goals.
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